The K-12 Smart Valley Resource Center

The K-12 Smart Valley Resource Center aims to provide children with all the healthy learning tools they need to succeed in life. No matter how old your child is, our dedicated staff and volunteers will go out of their way to make sure they have an environment where they feel safe, nurtured, and confident in their abilities.

We're a small center, but we're always doing our best to make sure every child in Central Valley, California feels safe and supported. We offer a variety of services to ensure this such as:

Tutoring - We pride ourselves on our wonderful staff of tutors that range from retired teachers to students who dream of having their own classroom one day. Our staff has a range of abilities so no matter what topic your child is struggling with, there is a teacher here who can help them work through their confusion. No student is the same, but we're confident in our ability to find ways to make learning easier for everybody.

Family Counseling - When there's stress at home, it's never easy for anybody in the family to get through their to-do list, but unfortunately, counseling is often an expensive option many families aren't able to afford. We're lucky enough to have several highly trained counselors on staff that can work with families on site to get to the root of the problem and follow up over time with no additional costs.

Guidance and Career Counseling - For high school students, figuring out what comes next can be difficult. It's not easy to pick out what you want to do in life when you're still learning about who you are, but Smart Valley has a career counselor on staff who can meet with high schoolers and go over their options. Our guidance counselors have plenty of experience working with students either in a school setting or as SAT prep tutors so they are well versed in what needs to be accomplished.

Mental Health Counseling - Mental health is just as important as physical health; especially for students. Smart Valley has both experienced counselors and peer counselors who are volunteering their time to help ensure the youth of Central Valley, California are getting all the help they need not only with their physical health and their education, but with their mental health as well.

Educational Counseling - We know that no two students are alike, even if they understand the material overall, there might still be a mental block in the way of putting that knowledge to work. Our educational counselors work as liaisons between the students and their teachers in order to figure out the best plan of attack to make sure the student understands the topic completely in a way that fits their needs.

The Smart Valley Resource center is dedicated to our students and their families, no matter what they are experiencing. The best way for students to succeed in life is to make sure they are healthy in all aspects of their life and our goal is to help them get there.